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We Invite You to Join Our Team! 

LAI is always interested in onboarding experienced language and translation experts who are keen to join our team, especially linguists who are subject-matter experts in technical domains. 

You will have a chance to collaborate with seasoned professionals, and make a meaningful contribution to global communication. We tackle diverse technical translation projects, and match projects to your background and expertise, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to work in those areas that you’ll find interesting and stimulating.

We welcome all applicants and are particularly interested in technical translators proficient in the following languages:




Brazilian Portuguese


European Spanish

If you feel like you could be a great fit for the LAI team and our mission, reach out to us on the below form – we’re waiting to hear from you!

Key Benefits

Translators Application Form

If you’d like to become a member of LAI’s expert linguistics team, let us know more
about your professional skills and abilities below.


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