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LAI empowers businesses to reach technical audiences on a global scale.
Experience professional technical translation services customized to your needs.

We are a Technical Translation Service Provider​

With LAI, your highly technical content is now accessible to a worldwide market of developers and technical end-users.

Our technical localization services bring together a team of linguistic experts and smart tools, ready to process your documents using experienced and professional translation techniques. Staying true to the meaning behind the content, we render accurate translations that are natural to the destination language.

Whether it’s software and document translations or subtitle localization, LAI is here to help.

Our Core Services

Technical Translation

Technical Document Translation

The LAI core team is particularly knowledgeable in the gaming and VFX industries. We can precisely translate all technical documents including manuals, specifications and web pages across languages and industry needs. We aim to empower businesses to operate on a global scale, confident they are always speaking their audience’s language through smart technical localization services.

Subtitle Localization

Subtitle Localization

Expert-level subtitle localization services powered by our custom tools and workflow guarantee precision and accuracy in communicating your technical content to your target audience. Watch our short video for an overview.

Software Localization

Software Localization 

Software localization, or the translation of user interfaces, menus, and documents to engage your target market, is as important as accurate subtitle localization. It’s crucial that any translation of your software is natural, reads well, and accurately communicates your technical information. We will tailor your software for a global market by adapting the language for a seamless user experience across international borders.

How are We Different?

LAI’s continuous dedication to using only industry-informed expert linguists to handle
the translation process ensures you have a knowledgeable and skilled translation team working hands-on with your subject matter. 

Paired with our suite of unique proprietary tools, including stringent QA process and AI-boosted workflows (if desired by the client), and decades of experience within the technical translation services industry, LAI is able to offer services that go above and beyond ‘standard’ industry fare to provide a unique, personalized, and above all accurate translation process from start to finish.

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Our Technical Translation Process


Initial Assessment and Consultation

A meeting is set up with our team to ensure we fully understand your needs. We’ll walk through the project workflow, assuring every step is understood, making changes as appropriate to ensure that we meet all of your requirements. This includes incorporating technologies such as generative AI optionally in the workflow. As an important member of the working team, you’ll have quick access to action changes and receive updates. 


Assignment to Specialized Translators

We’ll put together a team of expert linguists who are experienced in your subject domain in your desired languages, along with a dedicated project manager. The team assigned to your project will have the necessary expertise to render your content confidently in the target language(s).


Glossary and Terminology Management

Delivering technical translations not only requires that the content be accessible and understandable for your target audience, but that specific industry terms and concepts need to be correctly rendered as well. We ensure consistent, accurate results through unified terminology management across your project.


Translation Process

Our translators will review and ensure they comprehend the source text. They will ensure the meaning of the content is preserved, and effectively convey the translated message in the target language. They will further ascertain that the results are precise and adhere to industry-specific standards. Productivity tools such as translation memory and GenAI (when requested by the client) may be used during this step.


Review, Editing and Quality Assurance

LAI’s localization workflow management and suite of proprietary tools guarantee high-quality translations through consistent monitoring and cutting-edge technology. With our decades of experience across a wide range of technology industries, we ensure the end results meet your quality and cost expectations.


Client Collaboration and Feedback

Our agile communications practice means queries and updates are quickly resolved. We’re here to ensure you’re satisfied with the end product and appreciate any feedback you may have.


Finalization and Delivery

With the final review and sign-off complete, your finished product will be made available to you in your required format. At LAI, we pride ourselves on meeting deadlines with exceptional results that adhere to all your requirements.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits of using LAI’s comprehensive approach to professional technical translation:

Higher-Quality Translations

Native speakers and industry-informed professionals ensure the same expertise of the original documents speaks to your target audience. Our exclusive suite of subtitle localization tools ensure that translation quality isn’t compromised, as can occur with traditional processes. 

Cost and Time Savings

Our in-depth understanding of complex concepts and streamlined workflow through proprietary tools means you’ll save time and money and avoid waste on reworking poor translations.

Accurate, Consistent Results

Our meticulous automated QA process verifies that your translated documents echo the source perfectly.

Our Clients

We Have a Simple Mission

To produce the highest quality work for every client, on every project.

Why Our Clients
Choose Us

For nearly 3 decades, LAI Technical Translation Services has had an unwavering commitment to high caliber and accurate translations forged by industry experts, resulting in products of exceptional quality. 

As a language technology developer that provides specialized technical translation services, we possess comprehensive knowledge of technical fields. This allows us to accurately translate contextually relevant content. LAI’s proven track record and excellent service is exemplified by the many long-term clients who depend on us for mission-critical, highly technical translations of the highest caliber.

Our Clients Choose Us

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