We bridge the language gap
for developers and toolmakers.

We break down language barriers
and help you extend the reach of your technology.


We help more developers
get on your platform, globally.

We help you increase
your adoption rate in overseas markets.


Our team delivers
outstanding quality.

We ensure that your most challenging content
is understandable for developers globally.


LAI specializes in translating highly-technical developer-oriented content for platform, tools and middleware companies in the gaming and VFX industries.


All members of our core technical translation team have advanced degrees in technical fields such as computer science, engineering, computer graphics and physics. They are well-matched to skillfully translate your highly technical content.


Because we understand your content, you spend less time and money on post-editing and cleaning up poor translations.


We are developers. We speak your language.

Key Benefits

LAI’s focus is on quality.

We deliver high-quality translations of highly-technical, developer-oriented content for the VFX and game industries.

  • Our team has the knowledge and experience to understand your highly-technical content and translate it faithfully and accurately
  • We understand your content, so you spend less time and money cleaning up poor translations.
  • We have a modular workflow that we can easily adapt to meet or exceed your cost/quality/turnaround requirements
  • We follow good agile practices to ensure smooth communication between our clients and our team so issues get resolved quickly
  • We use an automated QA process and custom tools to ensure the highest level of quality

Frequently Asked Questions

Our main languages are Japanese, Korean, Chinese and German with Japanese being our largest team.

We are adding support for additional languages in the near future. Please check back with us for updates.

The cost depends on several factors:

  • Amount of content to be translated
  • Target language(s)
  • Workflow model

We offer several different workflow models depending on your cost/quality/turnaround requirement.

To get a better idea, please fill out our Request a Quote form and tell us a bit about your project. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a recommended workflow and cost estimate.

We don’t translate word-for-word. That can produce a translation that doesn’t make sense.

Instead, we translate by conceptually understanding the source and producing an accurate rendition in the target language that is both natural and understandable for a developer/technical audience.

We can do this because our translators have a solid technical foundation in the VFX/game industries, backed up by extensive knowledge and experience.

This allows us to translate your source material competently and with confidence.

In addition, for technical subtitle localization, we’ve developed a custom, tools-based workflow that leverages AI and automated QA, together with our team of subject-matter linguists.

Please check out this short video to learn more.

First, we work closely with you to understand your cost/quality/schedule requirements. We then set up a customized workflow which optimizes those parameters and best meets your requirements. We also follow good agile practices so that you are an integral part of our team and questions/issues can be resolved quickly during the course of translation.


No matter how complex your content, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the translation quality you need to expand your market globally.


Please fill out the form on the left to get a free quote for your next project. We'll get back to you within one business day.


To produce the highest quality work for every client, on every project.