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Technical Translation Services

LAI is here to help you communicate your technical content precisely, accurately and confidently to a global audience with our professional technical translation services. Our early experience with technical document translation services and software/API translation in the gaming and VFX industries has allowed us to develop a unique approach to technical localization services, including the use of informed subject-matter experts for an accurate and precisely rendered translation. With a variety of workflows and modular systems to suit any project size and budget, we ensure that your technical information is accurately and appropriately communicated in each piece of content you publish across language barriers. Our highly qualified linguistics team, customized proprietary tools, and robust approach ensure accuracy at every step. We will make sure that the true sense of your content carries between languages in an accurate, precise way. Our advanced subtitle localization process, which is designed specifically for technical content, ensures the highest quality by breaking through barriers imposed by the traditional process. Curious to know more? Download our white paper, infographic or enjoy our short video for more details!

Advantages of Using LAI for Technical Translation Services

Thriving for over three decades, LAI offers professional translation services that are customized to fit your budget, quality needs, and timeline. If you need technical localization services for your training materials, manuals, software, APIs, videos, or any other technical document translation services, LAI is ready to help.

Expertise and Specialization

Throughout the years, we’ve developed an innovative workflow process, boosted by custom AI-powered tools and automated QA processes. These enable us to deliver
high-quality, natural, and accessible translations swiftly and efficiently across a variety of complex technical industries. Along with their specialized experience, our linguists hold advanced degrees and qualifications in their fields of study.

In-Depth Industry Knowledge

Supporting our subject matter experience, we also have a three-decade track record of more-than-satisfied clients to back us. LAI understands professional technical translation at a level few other companies do, and leverages that expertise and experience to ensure every project is a success.


We can ensure a cost-effective solution across our technical translation services thanks to our specially developed custom AI-powered tools, unique modular workflow and automated QA processes.. LAI can provide high-quality technical document translation services and subtitle localization in a workflow that considers your budget, turnaround time, and quality requirements.

and Accuracy

With specialist, industry-informed translators and a rigorous quality control procedure, LAI ensures that your technical information is communicated accurately to your target audience. Our team performs quality assurance throughout the translation process, promising that the end product meets your exacting standards.

Multilingual Capabilities

The LAI team offers technical translation services in the most important Asian, European and Latin-American languages, with particular strengths in Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Our technical localization services excel at capturing the cultural nuances particular to your target audience while maintaining the utmost in technical accuracy.

Swift and Timely Delivery

At LAI, we endeavor to match our technical translation services to your timeline and deadlines. At the onset of the project, our team will ensure we have a clear understanding of your content and parameters, especially concerning cost and turnaround time. Our agile workflow sees clients as part of our team – communication is rapidly conveyed this way, minimizing delays and ensuring changes can be handled quickly. 

Subject Matter Experts

Every member of our expert linguistics team is backed by years of experience in specific technical industries and an extensive range of qualifications in fields such as computer science, engineering, and more. This means they bring not only their language expertise but also an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of your industry to the project.

Knowing how to write at the level and in the style most suitable for your target audience is crucial to engaging your audience, communicating technical information accurately, and getting your message across clearly.

Quality Assurance

Translations done by linguists who are not subject-matter experts result in reduced accuracy, and may even make content non-understandable for the target audience. LAI uses only experienced translators with in-depth subject knowledge. Paired with a rigorous editing, checking, and proofing cycle, you will always receive optimal quality from our professional technical translation services.

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“LAI Technical Translation Services has been a valued contributor to the PlayStation SDK for decades. We appreciate their commitment to quality and excellence.”

Y. S.

Manager, Global Technology Information Group, Sony Interactive Entertainment.


“We have the highest regard for your dedication to quality.”
“Thank you for your valuable support and collaboration.”
“You are our best Japanese vendor.”


Epic Games (Unreal Engine team members)


Using technical localization services ensures your message carries over language barriers in a way that preserves the integrity and clarity of technical information. With technical concepts, users in different language regions need to be able to access, understand, and use your content without losing the sense or accuracy of the information. 

Any industry with specialized concepts and complex technical content that needs to be transmitted on a global level will benefit from professional technical translation services. This includes gaming, VFX, and the wider IT industry, engineering, healthcare, manufacturing, legal sectors, and many more. Technical document translation services and ensuring your video subtitles are professionally localized and relevant is especially necessary when your target audience is comprised of developers and technical decision makers who are making mission-critical decisions based on the information you communicate to them.

Accurate subtitle localization is crucial for technical videos to ensure your technical information is communicated correctly, and in a manner that provides an accessible viewer experience that’s relevant and adapted for the target locale. It allows audiences around the globe to understand and engage with your content, transcending language barriers. High-quality, natural, and accurately rendered subtitling helps you to maintain a professional and authoritative image. This is particularly important for training and educational videos so users will fully understand your product.

At LAI, we prioritize the safety and security of our client’s information. Your sensitive data will be appropriately safeguarded at all times, ensuring only you and the translation team working directly with your project have access.

High-quality professional technical translation services start with a multi-talented and driven team – and LAI is a proud employer of some of the best in the industry. Our translators undergo a rigorous selection process, where we assess their linguistic skills, industry expertise, and understanding of technical terminology. LAI ensures your content is always handled by an informed member of the industry with experience relevant for your niche.

LAI is solutions-based so we’re always interested in making use of best-in-class state-of-the-art tools. We have integrated best-in-class generative/linguistic AI into our process and can deploy it at the request of our clients. We still include our subject-matter linguistic experts in the workflow to ensure the highest possible quality. Ask us to find out more about these new technologies and how we can put them to use on your project!

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